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DbWrench Features 

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Diagraming Features
Edit database items directly in the diagram.
Avoid navigating tree nodes and editing property sheets.
Click Action Editing
Several ER notations to choose from.
Including Bachman, Barker and Information Engineering.
ERD Notations
Use the Navigator window to easily work
with large diagrams.
Database Diagramming

Database Design Features
Use column templates to add common columns quickly
and easily.
Column Templates
Generate HTML documentation of database designs. Document Design
Quickly name and enforce naming conventions
with Auto Naming.
Auto Name
Add a foriegn key with just a few clicks. Quick FK

Forward Engineering
Generate Update DDL SQL scripts with
a single click.

Most database design tools only
generate create scripts.
DbWrench generates create and update scripts.
Update Script
Execute full scripts or select partial scripts to run. Script Portion
Execute scripts in the safety of transactions. RollBack

Reverse Engineering
Reverse engineer existing databases
in seconds.
Database Reverse Engineer
Insert and update table data with automatically generated forms.
These forms provide data entry validation and combo boxes for foreign key fields.
Data Editor
Reverse synchronize server database
changes back into designs.
Database Reverse Synchronize

SQL Editor
Syntax highlighting editor. SQL Syntax Highlight
Code completion. Database Code Complete
Create abbreviations for common commands
and entity names.
Database Abbreviations
Display query results in tables or as text. Table Or Text Data

Multiple Vendor Compatibilty
Supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle,
PostgreSQL and MySQL
All with a single license.
DBMS Support
Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
All with a single license.
OS Support

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